Understanding Termination of Proceedings: Guidance from Andrew T. Thomas, Attorneys at Law

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Termination of Proceedings

Understanding the nuances of “termination of proceedings” is crucial for individuals facing deportation. This legal juncture occurs when an immigration judge concludes removal proceedings without a deportation order. 

This outcome can materialize when an alien demonstrates eligibility for naturalization supported by compelling humanitarian considerations or when both parties jointly motion for dismissal. Termination effectively halts the looming threat of removal, offering a critical respite and, in some instances, the opportunity to lawfully continue residing in the United States.

Securing reliable legal representation is paramount in these complex situations. At Andrew T. Thomas, Attorneys at Law, we combine our extensive knowledge with the integrity required to guide our clients through the intricacies of immigration court. 

Whether it is a notice to appear, assessing eligibility for termination, or any other immigration matter, our experience is tailored to provide personalized and professional advice to immigrants seeking clarity and justice.

Together, we can confidently and resolvely confront the challenges posed by the immigration legal system.

Understanding Termination of Proceedings

In immigration law, the termination of proceedings refers to the halting of removal (deportation) proceedings against a non-citizen. This action can be vital for those looking to remain within the United States. We at Andrew T. Thomas, Attorneys at Law, consider termination motions a critical tool in defending our clients.

Termination can stem from various grounds, including procedural defects in a Notice to Appear (NTA) or evidence-based determinations demonstrating a lack of the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) proof to sustain the allegations or charges.

When an NTA is issued defectively, lacking critical information such as the time and place of the master calendar hearing, it may justify termination of proceedings.

In other scenarios, if prosecutorial discretion or new relief becomes available, such as an adjustment of status for an immigration benefit, we move to terminate proceedings. This prudent step can pave the way to lawful residency, benefiting the individual and their family.

Thus, terminating removal proceedings requires meticulous legal review and a strategic approach, hallmarks of our firm’s dedication to our client’s immigration journey.

The Process of Termination of Proceedings

Understanding how the termination of proceedings unfolds is essential for individuals navigating the immigration system. At Andrew T. Thomas, Attorneys at Law, we prioritize clarity and advocacy in guiding our clients through this pivotal legal process.

  1. Initiating Termination Proceedings: The process typically commences with the Department of Homeland Security issuing a Notice to Appear (NTA). This document outlines the reasons for potential removal and is the starting point for legal proceedings.
  2. Legal Representation: Our firm plays a crucial role in representing our clients during termination proceedings. We meticulously review the NTA for accuracy and legal validity, ensuring that our client’s rights are protected from the outset.
  3. Master Calendar Hearing: At the initial master calendar hearing, we advise our clients on the preparation needed and present motions to terminate the proceedings. These motions may be grounded in substantive legal arguments or procedural defects identified in the NTA.
  4. Advocacy and Evidence Presentation: During subsequent hearings, our attorneys advocate with integrity, presenting evidence that challenges the government’s case or demonstrates our client’s eligibility for relief. We strive to provide compelling arguments supported by robust evidence to secure a favorable outcome for our clients.
  5. Outcome and Implications: If the immigration judge orders termination of proceedings, it signifies a critical juncture for our clients. This decision dismisses the case related to the specific charging document, offering relief from the looming threat of deportation. Termination opens doors to reassessment by USCIS and potential eligibility for lawful permanent residence and other immigration benefits.

Our commitment to our clients extends beyond the termination of proceedings. We continue to provide comprehensive legal support, address any further immigration matters, and ensure that our clients’ rights and interests are safeguarded throughout their immigration journey. We can also help you in initiating removal proceedings for conditional residents.

Reasons for Termination of Proceedings

In our practice at Andrew T. Thomas, Attorneys at Law, we’ve identified several key legal grounds for terminating proceedings, which we diligently pursue for our clients.

  • Legally Deficient Charge: We’ve sometimes encountered charges against immigrants who fail to meet legal standards, necessitating termination.

  • Application for Immigration Benefit: Individuals in removal proceedings may apply for relief or protection from removal, such as adjustment of status, as recognized by the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR). Successful applications can lead to termination of proceedings.

  • Misstatement of Facts in an NTA: A Notice to Appear (NTA) with inaccurate details provides us with a basis to challenge the proceedings.

  • Improperly Served NTA: We scrutinize the NTA’s service process, ensuring the Department of Homeland Security complies with proper protocol. Faults here can invalidate proceedings.

We put our experience to work, understanding that every detail matters in safeguarding our clients’ rights.

Impact of Termination of Proceedings

The termination of proceedings can significantly impact an individual’s legal status. Termination of proceedings, often observed in immigration courts, effectively dismisses the case related to a particular charging document.

This can be a critical juncture, especially for those involved in removal proceedings. When an immigration judge orders a termination, it typically means that the individual can maintain or pursue lawful status without the stigma of an ongoing removal case.

For many, cessation of proceedings can lead to the reassessment of their cases by USCIS, potentially opening doors to lawful permanent residence and other immigration benefits.

In some cases, termination can preclude the need for an appeal. Circumstances warranting such termination can include attaining lawful status after proceedings have begun or when the continuation may result in undue harm.

The implications for individuals and families are profound and enduring. It can eliminate the threat of deportation, providing peace of mind and the opportunity to plan for a stable future in the United States.

Pursuing termination embodies our commitment to tailor our legal strategies with a caring and passionate approach to preserving the family unit and securing a favorable legal standing for our clients.

It’s significant to note that the review process to terminate proceedings is meticulously governed under relevant legal standards—this is visible in the approach taken by the Crown Prosecution Service.

Prosecutors are tasked to continuously appraise cases and terminate proceedings where justified, reinforcing the notion of fairness and justice in legal systems.

How Andrew T. Thomas, Attorneys at Law Can Help

Andrew T. Thomas, Attorneys at Law, helps you navigate the intricate paths of the United States immigration system. Our dedicated legal team is highly skilled in pursuing termination of proceedings, actively working to protect your right to remain in the country.

  • Legal Counsel and Representation: We provide comprehensive legal counsel and robust representation for immigrants facing the daunting prospect of removal.

  • Asylum and Deportation Defense: Should you seek asylum or if you are challenging deportation, our attorneys draw upon years of experience to build a strong defense on your behalf.

  • Naturalization and Family-Based Petitions: Our firm assists with the naturalization process, ensuring your journey to citizenship is as smooth as possible. For families striving to stay united, we guide you through every step of family-based petitions.

  • Cancellation of Removal: We meticulously prepare applications for cancellation of removal, helping to secure your presence in the U.S.

In cases where marriage and immigration intersect, concerns may arise about the status of your Green Card after a divorce. We provide clarity and assistance in these personal matters addressing your worries, whether a divorce will affect your Green Card, and strive to secure your status.

Our commitment is unwavering—whether in court or before immigration agencies—to stand by your side and offer personalized and effective legal solutions tailored to your unique situation.

Navigating Challenges in Termination of Proceedings

Before an immigration judge decides to terminate removal proceedings, there are a few challenges that need to be dealt with first. Understanding the specific grounds under which an immigration judge may terminate proceedings is vital. This includes analyzing whether proper procedures were followed, from the initial Notice to Appear through the individual hearing stages.

Documentation challenges are common, requiring meticulous attention to ensure all legal filings are accurate and submitted timely. In cases of collateral relief, such as U-visa applicants, securing a continuance can be complex, emphasizing the need for advocacy.

Overcoming these obstacles necessitates a thoughtful strategy and a keen grasp of immigration law intricacies. We prioritize keeping the family unit intact and use our dedicated practice in family-based petitions, among other areas, to maneuver through the nuances of termination proceedings.

Complexities also arise when discretionary powers, like those held by prosecutors in criminal cases, influence the outcomes. Thus, the role of professional legal advice cannot be overstated.


Our firm emphasizes the critical nature of a conclusive judgment or verdict in the intricate tapestry of legal proceedings. The termination of proceedings signifies more than the end of legal maneuvers—it embodies the vindication of rights or the imposition of responsibilities.

At times, this culminates a deeply personal chapter for those involved, particularly in cases presided over by the Executive Office for Immigration Review or deliberated by the Board of Immigration Appeals.

Understanding the avenues for appeal, whether through a Court of Appeal or higher judicial powers, is paramount. Our immigration attorney provides professional and confidential assistance to ensure clients facing the daunting immigration system are not alone. Our approach is to cut through the complexity and deliver clarity, advocating for our clients at every conceivable juncture.

Engaging with a skilled immigration attorney is a pivotal step when facing such consequential moments. Trust in our experience to navigate these waters diligently and with the utmost respect for your journey toward a lawful future in the United States.