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Andrew T. Thomas, Attorneys at Law: Criminal Immigration Attorney in Dallas

Criminal law and immigration law are separate areas of law, but they sometimes coincide. This happens when an immigrant’s stay or ability to enter the U.S. is jeopardized because they are facing criminal charges or have criminal convictions. This intersection between criminal law and immigration law is known as criminal immigration. It is a complex area of law, but it is also sensitive because the lives and futures of people to whom the law applies are at stake.

If you or your loved one is a non-citizen facing criminal charges or a conviction in the U.S., you are at risk of being deported and losing your immigration status. You may also be denied entry into the country if you’re outside the U.S. unless you can navigate the criminal immigration laws successfully. 

With everything you may be going through, it may be difficult for you to understand how this area of law works and how it can help you escape the harsh penalties reserved for immigrants who get involved in criminal activity. But you don’t have to handle things on your own. Criminal immigration lawyers are lawyers who focus on helping people in your position. They understand the applicable laws and may be able to apply those laws to your case and for your benefit.

The criminal immigration lawyers at our law firm, Andrew T. Thomas, Attorneys at Law, understand the intricacies of criminal immigration law and can help you explore all the legal avenues to secure your stay or gain entry into the U.S.

Below, we explain how having a criminal history or being convicted of a crime in the U.S. can affect your immigration status/plans and specific ways we can help steer you toward a positive outcome. Keep reading to learn more.

How Criminal Charges or a Conviction Can Affect Your Immigration

The effects of criminal charges or a criminal conviction vary and do not apply equally to all immigrants, but they generally include the following:


If you are convicted of certain offenses or admit to having been involved in such offenses, you would be deemed inadmissible for immigration in the U.S.

The types of criminal offenses that could lead to criminal inadmissibility include;

  • Crimes of moral turpitude, such as murder

  • Drug offenses

  • Prostitution

  • Fraud

  • Terrorism. 

An inadmissible person does not qualify for a visa to enter the U.S. If they are already in the U.S., they also do not qualify for a green card or immigration benefits such as adjustment of status.

If you’ve been involved in such crimes, obtaining legal status in the U.S may be difficult based on your criminal history. 

Fortunately, there are immigration waivers that could help you eliminate your inadmissibility. Our attorneys understand how those waivers work and can help you navigate the process for obtaining them if you qualify.

Loss of Status

If you already have legal status as an immigrant in the U.S., you could lose your status if you’re involved in certain immigration law violations.

The specific acts that could lead to loss of status depend on your immigration status. For instance, if you have non-immigrant status, you could lose it if you work in the U.S. without obtaining employment authorization (where required).

A lawful permanent resident may also lose their status if they committed immigration or Marriage Fraud to obtain that status. Once you lose your status, you lose all its benefits, and the immigration authorities would begin the process for your deportation. 


Deportation means removing a person from the U.S. by the immigration authorities. 

Individuals subject to deportation include undocumented immigrants and lawful immigrants who have lost their status, as in the previous section, or who have been convicted of serious crimes such as aggravated felonies. The immigration authorities would place them in removal/deportation proceedings and deport them subject to a deportation order issued by an immigration judge.

Depending on the nature of the underlying offense, a person who is deported can never return to the U.S. Hence, if you’re in removal proceedings, you need a fierce deportation lawyer to fight for you and ensure you get a better outcome than this.

Our criminal Immigration Attorney in Texas can defend you during your removal proceedings and work to avert the issuance of a deportation order against you. 

How Our Criminal Immigration Lawyers in Dallas Can Help

At Andrew T. Thomas, we are committed to helping immigrants like you overcome the consequences of your criminal record and move forward with life in the U.S. 

To that end, we can help your case in several ways, including the following:

  • If you are still facing criminal charges, we can work with your criminal defense attorney to clarify how actions that are taken during your trial, such as a guilty plea or plea bargain, could affect your immigration status.

  • If you are in removal proceedings, we can argue your case in immigration court and demonstrate to the judge that you deserve to be granted relief from deportation.

  • If a removal order has already been issued against you, there are immigration reliefs such as cancellation of removal or asylum that could help you avoid deportation. We can help you determine your eligibility for such reliefs and do all we can to help you obtain them.

  • Decisions of immigration judges are generally appealable. If you’ve received an unfavorable decision in immigration court, we can help you appeal the decision with the Board of Immigration Appeals or in the appropriate federal court. 

We understand the anxiety you may feel when your immigration status or chances of obtaining a visa are threatened. Our goal is to provide personalized legal services in such cases that could help you progress toward the desired outcome. 

Contact Our Competent Criminal Immigration Lawyers at Andrew T. Thomas, Attorneys at Law 

If you are charged with a criminal offense or you have a criminal history as a non-citizen, you have a lot to lose as far as the U.S. immigration system is concerned. But you don’t have to sit and wait for the harsh immigration consequences to materialize. You can help yourself by getting a skilled criminal immigration lawyer to represent you and help you find working solutions under immigration law. 

At Andrew T. Thomas, Attorneys at Law, we understand that mistakes can happen at any point in a person’s life. But do not allow such mistakes to determine your future and chance at a better life in the U.S. 

So, if you are facing criminal charges or deportation or you have other Criminal Non-citizen Issues, contact us immediately, even if you are outside the U.S. Let us assess your case and help you determine your options under the relevant immigration laws.